2023 WINTER | beautiful people

Fall/Winter 2023 Collection
Side-C Vol.10 “OMAMAGOTO”






日常的なスタイルが、1 つや2つではなく様々な形に変化したら。












Kidswear for everyone.





What if clothes could be worn during the daytime at work and school 

and turned into unique outerwear for a day off?

What if a classic style could be worn in not only one or two but four different ways? 

What if clothes can suggest transformation from uniform to diver-form?




Children & grown up, classic & unique, masculine & feminine, up & down, front & back…

beautiful people’s DOUBLE-END concept continues with a twist of exceptional craftsmanship and superior materials, using opposing elements and design details in the fall/winter 2023 collection. 


Upside-Down, Inside-Out. 


Rider’s jacket could also be a 60s Le Corbusier jacket. Puffer down in a classic striped shirt. 

The fluffy faux fur coat turned into an organic cotton canvas military coat. 

Cotton wool gabardine riding coat changed into a check and jacquard zipped coat. 

The soft wool stadium coat flipped and became a striped shirt padding coat.

The jackets collaborated with ALPHA INDUSTRIES have 4 ways in different military styles and colors.


One way classy, another not. 


Details from our daily life. Details from the classic pieces you wear every day.

Details from children wear, what they use, what they wear. 


Frills and lace from children’s wear, boat neck tops inspired by infant rompers, 

and the 2-way pleated skirt could also be worn as pumpkin pants. 

Sailor collars, or pea coats, which you can see on Japanese school kids. 

Also a collaboration with ERIC CARLE, an American author, designer and illustrator of children’s books and his most famous character – “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. 


Kidswear for everyone. 





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Collection logo design: Naomi Hirabayashi [PLUG-IN GRAPHIC]

Art Direction: Masaaki Kuroyanagi, Suguru Kiyono [PARK SUTHERLAND]

Photos: Yoshiyuki Nagatomo