2023 SUMMER | beautiful people

Spring/Summer 2023 Paris Collection

There is too much disconnection around,
too much-pitting ones against the others, too much conflict.
And yet connecting is what human beings were born for.
Harmony, joy, peace.


What if clothes can suggest such transformation, enticing movements of elation and joy?
What if garments traditionally associated with the military turned into the lightest and most connective creations, or even into something as flowing as a parachute?


What if otherness became part of the self?
This is the fundamental question.


We, at beautiful people,
conceive clothes that, like human beings in constant connection and transformation, are meant to evolve, allowing a deeply personal relationship with the wearer, involving the other and the different.


Facing & lining, left & right, front & back, big & small, masculine & feminine, small & grown up, classic & dressy, East & West, simple & twisted flow and evolve one out of the other, one into the other.
Like life itself.


Borders are meaningless.


A symbolic dance is all it takes to allow the release of such positive charge of connection, joy, peace.


Harmony requires differences.